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Why Integrative Coaching?

Health and well-being are not about any one particular magic bullet solution. The most profound effects on our health come from the cumulative effects of all of your choices.


You are the sum of all of your decisions from birth, right up to the current day.


There are some things that you cannot change about your makeup: your genetics, age and gender, and without effective lifestyle management, these can turn into risk factors for conditions associated with chronics inflammation like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems and food sensitivities. 


Your risk factors can also leave you susceptible to stress and mental health conditions.


However, there are far more factors which we call lifestyle: nutrition, food, sleep, exercise and stress, which can either enhance the effects of your risk factors, or likewise almost completely reverse them.  


The right choices for each lifestyle factor are completely different for every individual.


Integrative coaching is a collaborative journey; looking at all of the things that you can change and control. Led by you, the client, we explore all of the lifestyle choices we have available to us, those that we feel might be more healthful and sustainable for you as an individual, and put them all together to produce a cumulative and profound difference on your health and well-being. 


We also recognise that change is not an easy task, and that there may be factors that get in the way of your desire to make these improvements. I will explore your barriers to change, help you to understand how you can overcome them and what help and support you may need in order to succeed.


Together, we work together towards a happier and healthier you.

Preparing a Salad
Roasted Eggplant with Pomegranate

Dietary Analysis and Initial Consultation

To enable me to provide you with accurate and personalised information, all packages start here.


I will invite you to complete send a questionnaire and request for a 3 day diet diary and lifestyle to you to complete.


Once you have completed the questionnaire and the diary,  I will conduct a thorough dietary analysis on all micro and macronutrients.

What you will receive:

  • Full Dietary analysis report, tailored to you

  • Example diet to demonstrate how all of the recommendations for each nutrient can be met

  • Recipes where needed

  • 75 minute initial consultation to explain the findings

When this is all ready for you I contact you to arrange a time for a consultation.

After this session, you will:

  • Understand more about how your body responds to the foods you eat

  • Learn simple ways to improve your diet, naturally

  • Be more confident in the food choices you make

  • Leave feeling empowered and with a fresh perspective on the functions of different food and how to make more confident and healthful choices.

What next?

Depending on the package you have chosen we will then meet again in the coming weeks to create a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan that enables you to make positive and sustainable changes towards achieving your goals.

Running Up the Steps

Fitness Coaching and Mentoring

No matter what your goal, movement and fitness is crucial to mental and physical health and wellbeing. As a qualified fitness coach and mentor, exploration of fitness and movement is included in all of my programmes.

Fitness is not for "people like them.  It is for EVERYONE, and it is for YOU.  Fitness is a tool that you can develop, to enhance your life and find your zest, even if you've never been active.  Movement improves:

  • Sleep

  • Weight management 

  • Energy levels

  • Detoxification

  • Hormone balance

  • Blood sugar control

  • Concentration

  • Productivity

  • Social life

....and so much more.


Getting fitter can also be hard work.


As a fitness coach and mentor with experience of helping people of all levels of fitness from couch to marathon and beyond, I know that individual needs in movement and fitness needs are as unique as they are in nutrition. We work with together to find a level of movement that increases your energy levels, plays to your strengths and interests and makes you feel incredible.   I aim to help people who have never enjoyed movement before to breakthrough and feel better, long term.

Running Down the Stairs
Carrots and Artichokes
Healthy Lunch

Health Coaching

The new level of confidence and direction you gained from Personalised Nutrition Analysis is often enough to springboard my clients into simple and easy ways to live better and improve their quality of life, however, the practicalities of forming new habits and weaving them into your life can sometimes prove challenging, and change can sometimes seem daunting. 

Many people have long standing issues around health and weight management.  We know that  weight, food and self care have far reaching effects into other areas of our lives.  We also know that our issues around food and weight can often be nothing to do with those things themselves. 

Health coaching gives you a safe and non-judgemental space to explore and  break down your barriers to a healthier life.  Your journey is colourful and unique, and all is welcome here.

Health coaching breaks your self-defined goals into small, measurable tasks and helps you to establish a road map for achieving them.  

I am a fully qualified and insured NLP practitioner, with extensive training and experience in Health Coaching for wellbeing and weight management. 



"I am incredibly grateful to Pippa for the invaluable coaching I had recently. For quite some time, I've wanted to improve my lifestyle and make healthier choices. She has helped me understand the role of nutrition in how I feel about training, my energy levels, and achieving my weight loss goals, and the impact of the foods I consume on foods on my overall health and well-being. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their fitness and well-being."


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